Business Training and Coaching

Are you a small business owner facing challenges like…

  • How to set goals and stay on track
  • How to get more leads and convert them into sales
  • How to get customers coming to you
  • Why are you working 60+ hours a week and earning less than your staff?
  • What’s your exit strategy?
  • Why don’t you love your business any more?

Did you start your business…

  • to be your own boss?
  • to become an expert?
  • to make money? or
  • to work your own hours?
  • But the reality has turned out very different. You work way too hard, doing things you don’t like, and the rewards are just not what you’d hoped for. And even the thought of dealing with difficult staff makes you want to go back to being solo.

    If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

    Business Profit Coaching - Success Looks Like

    Sharpen Your Outcomes

    Here at Sharpen IT, we grow the capabilities of business owners and their team, so that they can build stronger, more profitable, and significantly more valuable businesses.

    Business Profit Coaching- Journey to Success

    Your Sharpen Journey

    In general, we find that the more highly skilled you and your team need to be in your chosen area of expertise, the more opportunities there are to grow capability other areas vital to running healthy businesses.

    That is why we have developed a unique, dual action approach to Sharpening Your Edge. We work with you to build both the capabilities of your people, and the value of your business. With a combination of our business training and coaching, you can get more from your people, processes and systems. When you work with Sharpen, you’ll enjoy deeper connections with your employees, partners and customers, which in turn leads to fantastic business results.

    Online Business Profit Coaching
    Business Profit Coaching - Method

    Our proven process for capability building

    Our proven approach to building capability in your people and in your business is literally designed to empower you to operate your business proficiently without us. (sounds like a terrible business model for us, hey?)

    What Our Customers Say

    Facebook Reviews

    review rating 0  We’ve worked with Kevin for some time now, and we are delighted with the positive business results that we’ve achieved by following his guidance. We have more business, and more time. What could be better than that?

    thumb Sue Kai

    review rating 0  Kevin is helping us develop a winning workplace culture. Having run a large team of service-delivery professionals, he has the insights and patience to engage our team and in our vision of success.

    thumb Philip Huzzard

    review rating 0  We worked with Kevin, from Sharpen Business Coaching, and he helped us to determine our business strategy by helping us evaluate the feasibility of our options. I would highly recommended Kevin to other small business owners who want to work with someone who takes the time to listen and understand your business, and then provide sound, valuable advice.

    thumb Ameet Shah

    Business Profit Coaching - Testimonial


    Regardless of whether you are struggling to drive your business profitably, or well established and ready to grow substantially, we have proven solutions that we can tailor for you.

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    Master Skills!

    From Strategic Planning to Emotional Intelligence, we’ve got a business training course to close just about every people or business skill gap you can imagine.

    Get the most productivity out of your most expensive resources and turn them into your valuable, competitive advantage.

    Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the options of eLearning, company LMS, shared public training, and in-house face to face training if you want the best results for your whole team.

    All of our courses can be adapted for any audience

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    Master Business Essentials!

    Really rev up your business by joining a friendly group of committed and energetic colleagues for monthly Education and Workshop sessions. Each month, learn and master a new business discipline essential to success.

    We’ll save you hundreds of hours of frustrating and unproductive work, by giving you tried tested and proven templates for dozens of common business purposes.

    You’ll also get a Mastermind session on your specific business problem AND complimentary access to our eLearning system. All of this will propel your business rapidly forward, and make YOU the business expert.

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    Master YOUR Business!

    Take your business into the stratosphere with your personal Business Success Partner and specialised, expert Business Coaching tailored to your unique industry and needs.

    We’ll work with you to customised your 3-yr strategy and execution plan and then partner with you for the implementation and ongoing refinement to ensure you realise the benefits.

    While we recommend two meetings a month, (Operational and Strategic), you decide how fast you want to transform your business. And if you aren’t seeing results, you can cancel at any time. Got a specific issue? Talk to us about engaging for individual projects.

    Results Guarantee

    You can relax knowing that what we share with you has been successfully applied in hundreds of businesses with great results

    We are so confident that you will achieve successful outcomes, that our Business Results Club has a 100% money back guarantee*, and our business training and coaching programs have no lock in contracts. That means we have skin in the game, and we have to deliver to keep your business

    “Kevin helped me in identifying new opportunities and provided recommendations on how to re-structure my business. He showed genuine interest in my business.”
    Michael Andrus
    Heidelberg IT


    Start your Business Training and Coaching now! You’ll Love Being in Business Again!

    Your business will only move forward when you take action. DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!

    Stop all the frustration of trying to do it all yourself, and start standing on the shoulders of those that have been there and done it before.

    Let’s get together for a free chat, and discuss how we’ve helped other clients and how we may be able to help you on your journey to success.

    Business Profit Coaching - Guarantee

    Call us today on 0409433870 or request a free appointment and let’s chat about how we can help you!