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Sharpen Business Coaching is your Business Success Partner

We team with ethical business owners and leaders, like you, to overcome profitability, risk, and time challenges. We help small businesses to grow profitably, grow the value of their business, and enjoy the process of doing so.

Sharpen guides owners to transform their businesses with a combination of group or personal business success mentoring over several months. Or, if only a single challenge needs to be addressed, we facilitate the work with highly skilled experts with relevant industry backgrounds through The Network of Consulting Professionals.

Our Founder – Kevin Picton

Kevin is a values driven leader with more than 25 years’ experience delivering exceptional customer service and generating long term success with some of the most well-known retail and supply chain corporations in Asia Pacific, including as Strandbags, Woolworths, Lenovo, and Samsung. At JDA Software, he grew a $4M business unit to $45M over 15yrs with over 95% annual staff retention while navigating several mergers and acquisitions, and doubling profitability.
Since 2016, Kevin has been delivering proven, actionable guidance to smaller organisations, including family led SMEs, NFPs and social enterprises.

“Kevin helped me in identifying new opportunities and provided recommendations on how to re-structure my business. He showed genuine interest in my business.”
Michael Andrus

Kevin is proud to be a member of two incredible professional networks:

The Network of Consulting Professionals (The NCP), membership is made up of advisors and consultants with prior successful careers covering over 70 industry verticals. This means The NCP team’s rich and deep expertise can solve almost any business challenge imaginable.

Dedicated to Not For Profits (NFPs), the MAP Consulting Group, is composed of talented, experienced and ethical consultants with a broad range of business expertise. If you are a NFP, then members of the MAP Consulting Group, have capped our fees so you don’t pay a fortune for seasoned expertise.

“I couldn’t recommend Kevin highly enough”.”
David Kirkpatrick

We’ve made working with us easy because:


    We suggest that we first meet for a coffee and a chat where we get to know you and your organisation’s challenges. Only if you feel comfortable that we can provide value to your business, would we then engage to become your Business Success Partner. Up until that point, it is totally free and without any obligation.


    When you hire someone to help grow your business, you want someone that can work with you at a cost that is right for you. We have several options to help you grow your business that suit different budgets, including special rates for NFPs.


    It’s important when you hire someone to help you achieve your business objectives, that you get results such as more clients, increased turnover, or reduced costs. When we work with you, the results are tested and measured so that you can track success.


    We understand businesses are busy during business hours. So, if you need flexibility, by arrangement, we are available out of hours on weekdays and weekends to make it easy for you.


    Most business coaches want to lock you in to long contracts because it’s convenient for them. Whilst we’d like to work with you for 12-months or more, there are no lock in contracts. We feel if we are not delivering results then you shouldn’t have to continue working with us. Therefore, you are totally free to stop working with us at any time – No Questions Asked.


    As an SME owner / leader, you face challenges from cash flows issues, to HR conflicts, and everything in between. Rather than having to deal with a dozen or more consultants in these areas, Sharpen is teamed with a professional networks of talented and experienced consultants who possess a complete cross section of business expertise. This means you only have to deal with one Business Success Partner to solve almost any business problem.


    Everything that we show you has been tried, tested and proven in the real world. No dry theory or information from textbooks. This is actionable guidance. You can have complete confidence knowing that the information we share with you gets results.

“When in a bind with a looming deadline, we were referred to Kevin from Sharpen Business Coaching, and he was able to utilise his network to source the right resources for a critical piece of work that kept our project on track”
Vivienne Robins

Let’s have a coffee and a chat, and see how we can work together.

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