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WHAT is the Business Results Club?

The Business Results Club is your online business coach. BRC is an exclusive program designed for small to medium sized businesses owners that started their business because they loved what they do, but everything has turned out to be a struggle, and it just isn’t fun anymore.

The Business Results Club suits sole traders, small businesses, family businesses, professional businesses, social enterprises, and Not-For-Profits that want to know how successful businesses compete, grow, and become bigger while making it look easy.

When you join the Business Results Club, you’ll learn their secrets. You’ll become an expert at running your business, and you will fall back in love with your passion.

The Business Results Club is a multi-faceted, online business coaching program that contains everything you need to reliably drive a business successfully. It equips the owners and operators of small businesses with a comprehensive, small business operating toolkit, created from the collective experience of hundreds of business advisors and thousands of businesses. By experiencing this in an online, group format, you can leverage millions of dollars of business expertise AT AN INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICE! The Business Results Club consists of:

  • Four Essential Business Financial Tutorials &
  • The How to Find Customers Tutorial


  • More than 130 examples of tried, tested and proven templates that you can simply customise with your business logos and particulars
  • Dozens of Business Tutorials and manuals comprehensively covering 13 aspects of Profitable and Effective Business Management
  • Bonus audio, video and document materials to further drive your profitability


  • A collegiate group of 6 to 10 fellow cohort members to build your Business Support and Networking Team around
  • 10 Monthly, Online, Group Business Success Mentoring, Education, & Workshop sessions
  • 10 Months of Unlimited support through a FB group set up just for your cohort

PLUS, we’ve included two incredible bonuses for when you complete this program. Find out more below. You Will Learn & Apply

  • Business Planning
  • Cashflow Management
  • Client List Management
  • The Power of Alliances & Joint Ventures
  • The 5 Profit Levers
  • Why they will buy from you
  • Sales Funnels & Processes
  • Tracking Results
  • Selling Against Competition
  • Handling Objections
  • Networking
  • Leverage

By participating in The Business Results Club you get to leverage the accumulated experience and output of successful business leaders who have done it all before and documented what works. You get to avoid repeating their mistakes, and leapfrog directly to tools and methods that are known to produce winning results.

5 Elements of Business Mastery


Sadly, nearly 80% of businesses don’t survive the long term. The main reason is that while businesses get started on a good idea and a huge amount of effort, their success is often based on hope.

Unlike getting a driver’s license, anyone can start a business without any training whatsoever. Unfortunately, this means that the basic fundamentals of good business practices are often not known, and not followed. This leads to costly, yet avoidable mistakes. Eventually, these businesses get out competed, or run out of money, and go out of business.

If you are a start-up or still-young business, you probably don’t have the cashflow to support a 1 on 1 Business Success Partner, yet. However, you may never reach that point if you don’t get the basics of running your business right.


To be successful, you still need

  • Solid Business Essentials
  • Proven Systems, Tools and Methods
  • Regular Advice and Feedback
  • Someone who cares about your Success

You have probably already discovered that you are inventing every part of your business from scratch. It is taking you a huge amount of time and you are making a lot of costly mistakes along the way.

You will work hard on your business and you deserve to be rewarded for that effort.

Business Results Club will save you endless hours of frustrating work, and give you the rich education and support needed to give your Business the best possible chance of success.

We bring 6 to 10 like minded business owners together online to form a Business Success Team. That team meet monthly for about 90 minutes online in a combination of education, stories, sharing, supporting and referring. We cover 1 major business function each month for 10 months. With each function, you’ll get access to the tutorials and templates associated with that business function. In between sessions, there will be opportunities to action what you’ve learned and share progress and results with your Business Success Team. Plus you will have unlimited access to help via group chat.

By completion, you’ll have a comprehensive Profit Mechanics Toolkit to Power your Business Forward.

5 Elements of Business Mastery

I am typically filling cohorts to start in the month after next. Regular timings are 10am start on a Friday morning and 7pm start on a Wednesday evening. However, I’m able arrange and run the sessions on any schedule (including in person) if a particular cohort desire it. When you inquire, let me know your preferences and we can assign you to a group that suits you.

Avoid the mistakes of others by getting expert Support, Tools, Methods, and Advice to Power Your Business Success!

It is easy to get started.

Sharpen has worked with dozens of successful businesses and the Profit Mechanics business tutorials and templates have been successfully used by hundreds of business owners committed to achieving financial success.

For only $497 per month, you can ensure you are definitely steering your business in the RIGHT direction. Don’t go 10’s of thousands of dollars down the wrong path. Don’t put your family’s financial well-being at risk. Imagine what it would be like to know that the next 6 months of business is secure? Imagine what it would be like to be able to trust your team to run your business while you and the family take a holiday. Imagine what it would be like to be making enough profit to live the lifestyle you deserve.

And to make sure you maintain momentum, once you complete the Business Results Club program, we’ll include a FREE 1 on 1 Coaching Session when you sign up for No Limits. This is valued at $1997 alone, but we’ll include it for you because we care about your success!

PLUS: While you are a member of the Business Results Club, we’ll give you complimentary access to our eLearning platform where you can enjoy full versions of several high quality courses to compliment your professional development.

AND, if that’s not enough, we’ll make it even easier by eliminating the risk. If you decide after the first monthly session that it isn’t the solution for you, Just let me know, acknowledge the deletion of your copies of the materials, and we’ll refund your money.


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