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Need to provide an audience with a compelling and useful experience through a speaker at an event you are planning?

Talk to me about the kinds of topics that would be of interest to your audience, and there is every chance I can help you out with a segment from my training courses, or lessons learned from my experience.

Whether it is a 5 minute, 30 minute or 2 hour session you need to fill, the are numerous topics which I can accommodate.

Want to organise some public training? Happy to have a chat about what you are looking for.

Got something specific you want? Just ask. I have an extensive network of professional colleagues who may also be able to meet your needs.

Kevin Picton

About the presenter:

Kevin Picton is a value-building business mentor and operates Sharpen IT – Business Training and Coaching, which is a local Macleod business. He is also a member of The Network of Consulting Professionals (an Australian NFP accreditation body in the management consulting industry which selectively admits only those with a proven, successful professional careers.)

Kevin has a passion for growing capability through both training and coaching, and loves helping business owners to attract more clients, get more sales and make more profit via our unique PACERS framework – a proven methodology developed for the Business Results Club.

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