Business Success Partner No Limits

When you have a specific challenge or two to address, you don’t always want to enrol in a ‘program’. Sometimes, you just want to get a specific project completed. When that’s the case, we are happy to help you scope, plan, implement and resolve the problem.

Which problem do you want to solve?

Being responsible for an SME can be a pretty tough and lonely life, facing no end of challenges, such as...
    - finding/keeping clients
    - cashflow, cashflow, cashflow
    - digital transformation
    - mergers and acquisitions
    - preparing for sale
    - finding the right staff
    - changing marketplace
    - quality control
    - productivity improvements
    - customer service levels
    - supplier reliability
    - regulations & compliance
    - HR, bullying, harassment
    - where does all your time go?
    - etc. etc. etc.

In small business, it is all to common to come across a new situation where you can use some help. Don't you agree?

The good news is, you don't have to do it all yourself...

How we help

Sharpen, along with The Network of Consulting Professionals (The NCP) is able to provide expertise in almost any industry and business discipline imaginable. As a business owner, you don't have to go it alone.

Proceed With Confidence

You also want minimal risk and maximum chances of success.

When you engage with a Business Success Partner (BSP) who is an accredited member of The Network of Consulting Professionals (The NCP), you know that the help you get from us is going to be ethical and experienced, because all members of The NCP have had proven successful careers as executive business leaders.

The NCP membership is made up of advisors and consultants from almost every industry and area of business imaginable, and whilst I will be your designated BSP, any action plan will be tailored to include The NCP expertise that matches your specific needs.

You really do have access to millions of dollars worth of skilled, industry expertise that can guide your business without having to permanently hire a suite of expensive executives.

Our clients tell us that we live The NCP motto "we take your success personally", and provide incredible support, that professionally strengthens their businesses and produces successful outcomes.

Getting Started


Connect.  Call us Directly, or send us your details on our Request A Free Chat page. After we have some basic details, we’ll arrange to meet up.


Get comfortable. Let’s get together for a chat and explore where your business is currently at and where you would like it to be. (Typically 30 minutes).


Go forward. If you like our proposal, we agree to the terms and get cracking. What could be easier?

Sharpen has worked with dozens of successful businesses and the members of The Network of Consulting Professionals have solved challenges for thousands of business owners committed to achieving financial success.

Whether you are looking to avoid a bankruptcy, grow your business profits and value, streamline it, systematise it so you can free up time, prepare it for sale, or any other significant transformation, Sharpen and The NCP will be your Business Success Partner throughout.

Call us today on 0409433870 or request a free appointment and let’s chat about how we can help you!