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Right Direction for your Business StartUp!

If you are starting up a business, then the first thing you are going to need is customers. We recommend you join our Business Results Club.

Our 90-Day Business Accelerator Program is specifically designed to help business owners to develop their business model and their marketing system so that they can have a steady stream of customers.

Starting a business is the perfect time to get the foundations right. It is the fastest way to building a profit machine, and will save you countless hours in restructuring later on.


Unfortunately, nearly 80% of businesses don’t start off in the right direction, and fail to survive the long term. And perhaps even more concerning is the >50% failure rate in the first 3 years. Starting a business is a big decision, and it typically comes with a large amount of risk to your personal finances if you get it wrong.

Most businesses who fail, make one or both of these mistakes.

Critical Mistake 1

Most businesses get started under the premise of making some thing or some service, and then trying to find a market to sell it to. Sadly, that is the wrong way to go about it because it is only after you’ve put in all the effort to create the product or service that you find out no one wants to buy it.

Critical Mistake 2

Most businesses that fail have not taken responsibility for understanding their finances. They run their business based on whether they have a healthy cash balance this month. Unfortunately, this approach means that they are not making the crucial decisions about investing, collecting, hiring, buying, etc. based on quality information and soon find themselves in difficulty.

Our Solution

What is it?

Business Results Club makes sure you get started in the right direction.

Visit our BRC page to find our more information and book a free chat to explore where you are at, where you’d like to get to and whether or not we would be able to help you.

Getting this right will save you 10’s of thousands of dollars by avoiding losses associated with getting it wrong.

We’ll walk you through whether or not you are trying to market what you want to sell, verses what people want to buy. There is a huge difference to your likelihood of success. If you are going to be feeding a starving crowd, you have a great chance. If you are pushing something no one wants to buy, then you are likely to struggle.

Sharpen has worked with dozens of successful businesses and the licensed tools and resources we provide have been successfully used by hundreds of business owners committed to achieving financial success.

For modest investment, you can ensure your business starts off in the RIGHT direction because we guarantee it. Don’t go 10’s of thousands of dollars down the wrong path. Set yourself up early to achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Avoid the mistakes of others by getting expert Assistance for your Business Take Off. Start leveraging the know-how of those that have been there and done it before.

Let’s get together for a free chat, and discuss how we’ve helped other clients and how we may be able to help you. SIMPLY CALL 0409433870 or or Book Your Free Exploration Chat Now!