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Business Coaching Builds Value

We help companies, departments, professionals, and any organisation that requires specific technical expertise, to grow value with business coaching tailored to their needs.

That is, we build the business skills that complement technical know-how and lead to deeper connections with your customers and fantastic results.

Our mission, as counter productive as it may seem, is to grow your business expertise to the point where you know how to attract interested prospects, convert them into customers, deliver to a high standard, and you can do all this yourself. We have succeeded when you no longer need our help to grow and thrive.

Not a company dependent on technical expertise? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered. We enable small businesses, family businesses, social enterprises, and Not-For-Profits to survive, compete, grow, and achieve more because the Essentials of Business Mastery are universal.

Develop and Grow Value

Where ever you are in your Journey to Success you are on, we have a business coaching solution that will advance your business and enable it to soar.

5 Areas of Business Mastery

Master the 5 Essential Business Areas
Become one of our Business ACERS

5 Areas of Business Mastery

Business Coaching – Success Options

Regardless of whether you are in ideas stage, struggling to drive your business profitably, or well established and ready to grow substantially, we have a proven business coaching solution tailor made for you.

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If you are thinking of launching your new idea, or thinking of buying into a business or franchise, then we will help you validate the commercial viability of that decision.

The underlying reason so many businesses fail is because they aren’t selling the right product to the right people in the right way. We will help you avoid that costly mistake and find the right product for a starving crowd.

Since the #1 mechanism business’s fail is they run out of cash, we’ll also give you tutorials and templates covering the basic financials every successful business tracks.

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$497/mth x 10

Really rev up your business by joining a friendly group of committed and energetic colleagues for monthly Education and Business Success sessions, covering a new topic each month.

You get Everything from Assisted Take Off PLUS we’ll save you hundreds of hours of frustrating and unproductive work, by giving you tried tested and proven templates for dozens of common business purposes.

You’ll also get tools, success methods and a full training library that will propel your business rapidly forward, and make YOU the business expert.

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$Custom (NFP 50%)

Take your business into the stratosphere with your personal Business Success Partner and specialised, expert assistance tailored to your unique industry and needs.

You get Everything in Assisted Take Off, & Power Forward PLUS a customised 3-yr strategy and execution plan that will take your business to new heights.

While we recommend two meetings a month, (Operational and Strategic), you decide how fast you want to transform your business. And if you aren’t seeing results, you can cancel at any time.

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$Custom (NFP 50%)

When most of your business is running fine, but you have a project to run and you don’t have the right capability or capacity, Sharpen IT could be your answer.

We have vast experience in implementing a wide variety of projects to do with technology, skill capability, and business value building

As a member of The Network of Consulting Professionals, we can also bring in expertise from almost every industry and skill set, to solve almost any challenge imaginable.

NFPs: All our coaching and project based work is 50% off for NFPs. Ask us about pricing for training.

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Need to provide an audience with a compelling and useful experience through a speaker at an event you are planning?

Talk to me about the kinds of topics that would be of interest to your audience, and there is every chance I can help you out with a segment from my training courses, or lessons learned from my experience.

Got something specific you want? Just ask.

Proven Business Success Process

Relax knowing that what we share with you has been successfully applied in hundreds of businesses with great results. We make sure that as part of any work we do, we educate you so that you can undertake similar work in the future independently. We do this by following a proven process that starts with education, and has you exploring the topic thoroughly, before implementing it effectively, and embracing its success.

Journey to Success

Guaranteed Satisfaction


We are so confident that you will achieve successful outcomes, that our Business Results Club has a money back guarantee*, and our No Limits program has no lock in contracts


But our programs are not for everyone. Engage us only if you are serious about achieving outcomes like

Journey to Success


Your business will only move forward when you take action. DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!
Stop all the frustration of trying to do it all yourself, and start standing on the shoulders of those that have been there and done it before.

Let’s get together for a free chat, and discuss how we’ve helped other clients and how we may be able to help you on your journey to success.

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