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What’s the ROI on Business Coaching?
Building Profitability & Value

We enable small businesses to survive, compete, grow, achieve more, and build their value, with coaching tailored to their specific needs. Although the Essentials of Business Mastery are universal, how they are implemented in your business takes a unique approach.

Our mission, as counter productive as it may seem, is to grow your business expertise to the point where you no longer need our help to grow and thrive.

Master the 6 Essential Business Areas

5 Areas of Business Mastery

Business Coaching Options

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$5K – Guaranteed Results

From Startup to Established, all businesses need customers. Really rev up your business by joining a friendly group of committed and energetic colleagues for 90-Days of Business Acceleration sessions. We’ll help you build a system that delivers you a constant stream of customers. You’ll enjoy total control over your finances and growth.

Plus, you’ll save you hundreds of hours of frustrating and unproductive work with our tried tested and proven templates for dozens of common business processes.

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$Custom (NFP 50%)

Take your business to the next level with a personal Business Success Partner and specialised, expert assistance tailored to your unique industry and needs.

  • Without lock-in contracts
  • Without clock watching
  • Surrounded by experts
  • Unlimited support
  • Fees tied to your success
  • Working for you, not just telling you what to do

While we recommend two meetings a month, (Operational and Strategic), you decide how fast you want to transform your business. And if you aren’t seeing results, you can cancel at any time.

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$Custom (NFP 50%)

When most of your business is running fine, but you have a project to run and you don’t have the right capability or capacity, Sharpen It could be your answer.

We have vast experience in implementing a wide variety of projects to do with technology, skill capability, and business value building

Also, very happy to speak to SMEs on a wide range of business topics.

NFPs: All our coaching and project based work is 50% off for NFPs. Ask us about pricing for training.

Guaranteed Satisfaction


We are so confident that you will achieve successful outcomes, that our Business Results Club has a satisfaction guarantee*, and our 1-to-1 coaching program has no lock in contracts


But our programs are not for everyone. Engage us only if you are serious about achieving outcomes like

Journey to Success


Your business will only move forward when you take action. DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!
Stop all the frustration of trying to do it all yourself, and start standing on the shoulders of those that have been there and done it before.

Let’s get together for a free chat, and discuss how we’ve helped other clients and how we may be able to help you on your journey to success.

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