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Business Training Builds Capability

Do you value your team members, and your business? Business Training is a sure-fire investment in enhancing their capabilities that will grow them as individuals, increase their satisfaction and engagement. Business Training delivers real benefits to your bottom line.

Would you like to have choices in what you learn, how you learn and when you learn?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you are in the right place.

We help grow the kinds of capabilities that make your team members more effective and more productive. When you partner with Sharpen IT, your most valuable assets will be nurtured so that they do the right things at the right time, and in the right way. This, in turn, gives your customers truly awesome experiences, making your business stand out from the crowd.
We build soft skills and the business skills that complement technical know-how…

  1. through Face-To-Face (or online) business training at your location*
  2. via shared public courses when there is enough demand

We’ve trained local and international businesses from steelmaking to software companies using the same training material used by companies like Nestle, Kraft and Microsoft. You can see why investing in capability building is such a good idea when you routinely develop team members to be 5-10% more effective, can’t you?

*Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. All of our courses can be tailored towards the specific needs of your industry or situation. If you don’t have a suitable location for training, we will work with you to arrange one.

“This is a great topic, especially (for) those with customer facing roles, but also for all the interactions internally.”
Michael Keen
JDA Software

Business Solution

“A great topic and one that is really good to be consciously aware of. Will start considering colleagues and customers where appropriate.”
Paul Edwards
JDA Software

Your Capability Building Options

Regardless of what skills you need to enhance, we have a proven solution that we can tailor for you.

Self Development

Team Development

Workplace Leadership

Business Essentials

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Full Immersion For Your Team

Face to Face training is still the most effective method of embracing new ideas and methods.

When you engage us to do training, we don’t just lecture your organisation. You will get a fully engaging experience where the team members explore the information shared and workshop it before putting it into action. Unlike other training organisations, we schedule a follow up meeting a month after training to hold people accountable for implementing the new techniques in your business.

Topics cover Self Development, Team Development, Workplace Leadership and Business Essentials. Click Learn More for information about our F2F courses.

*prices for NFPs and social enterprises much less (call for a quote)

Public Training & Custom

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Just What You Need

Don’t have enough people to justify Face to Face training for your team? Register your interest with us, and when we have enough interested for that course (minimum 5), we will run a public course.

Want something special done just for you? We can arrange to tailor any course just for your organisation.
Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll help make your training amazing.

Click on the ‘find out more’ buttons above to discover what courses we run in each delivery method.

Relax knowing that what we share with you has been trusted to successfully grow the capabilities of tens of thousands of people in thousands of businesses. We train businesses both large and small, with great results. Our courses fall into the following categories.

Self Development

Team Development

Workplace Leadership

Business Essentials